Experience & Research


  • Enclave Beverage Group proudly develops and invests in products that have a strong viability to be successful in the consumer market space. As a total beverage company, the company provides a much wider variety of options in line with consumers changing attitudes and tastes. 


  • A vast market exists for companies that can identify opportunities in the market space. Our brands are backed by extensive experience and research, which allow us to identify prime innovation opportunities for products that provide consumers with great tasting & exciting new offerings.





Diverse Industry

The U.S. beverage  market is a $354.2bn industry with alcoholic beverages  making 60% of the revenues with $211.6bn in sales.

Growing Market

The  wine (+3% CAGR) and spirits (+4% CAGR) industry has experienced steady revenue and volume growth over the last ten years. Although the market is almost equally split, Malt Beverages have lost market share to Wine and Spirits.

Growth Potential

Smaller brands have been gaining share. The non-top 5 brands gained between 12 and 37 percentage points over a 20 year period and between 2 and 9 percentage points in the last 5 years.

Vast Opportunity

Companies that are capable of developing strong brands, unique offerings and overall great products will capitalize in the market. Consumers are constantly look for brands to align with and the large beverage players are also looking to acquire brands that can give them the edge in the ever evolving beverage landscape.